Pistol TrainingKnowledge is power, and the right knowledge and training will help you steer clear of danger in a volatile situation. Regardless of what you’re armed with, being armed with the right knowledge on top of the right tools makes a marked difference in your ability to protect yourself, your home, your loved ones.

At Invicta Tactics, we serve nearby customers from Brookshire, Houston, and the surrounding area. We provide basic tactical rifle and pistol training, we offer classes and lectures for combat training and security, and advanced courses, as well, including license to carry classes, training for shooting while in motion, barricade shooting, and more.

When you choose Invicta Tactics, you get the basic courses with mandatory subjects covered, but you get more. We also provide marksmanship training, to help you feel safe and confident in your skills. Our team has an excellent track record and referral rate from local Houston and Brookshire, TX residents who have benefited greatly from the training we offer.

Invicta Tactics: Brookshire and Houston Tactical Rifle and Pistol Training from a Veteran with 11 Years of Combat Experience

We offer group discounts, veteran discounts, and a track record of expertise and skills that local residents and security professionals can feel confident with.

Working with Invicta Tactics will provide you with knowledge transfer from a skilled combat veteran who ensures every course includes the basics and more. Our approach to teaching is done with the aim of helping local residents become confident, situationally aware, and to use tactical training to their advantage in their efforts to stay safe and protect themselves and their loved ones.

Contact us to register for:

  • Texas license to carry course,
  • Marksmanship training,
  • Advanced handgun skills,
  • Barricade shooting,
  • For our shooting-as-a-pair course for home protection,

Want more information about lectures, public speaking engagements, and other events? Do you have a question about our courses? Feel free to contact Invicta Tactics.