October 20, 20188.00am-4.00pm4 hours
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Home Protection Course in Houston

Shooting as a Pair Home Protection

Invicta Tactics Home Protection Course offers the basic training you need to protect yourself in the invent that someone breaks into your home.

On that note, it’s true that a baseball bat alone isn’t going to give you much mental assurance or physical protection in the event of a break-in. In fact, a countless number of people have taken the responsibility to arm themselves appropriately for protection. So, there is little reason why you shouldn’t be prepared for the event of a home invasion for the same reasons.

Any quality mid- to full-size 9mm duty pistol will work well for you for home defense. Because they carry a lot of rounds, this means they have less than moderate recoil. Plus, these kinds of pistols are cheap to train with due to the availability and low cost of 9mm ammo. Don’t think we’re limiting you to Glock. Beretta, HK, Kahr, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Taurus, and Walther all make quality pistols in this department that will serve you well.

There’s a reason why many people keep coming back to Glock. They may not be the most ergonomic or the most attractive guns on the market, but they have a lot of things going for them. They’re very simple when it comes to controls. You can learn how to field strip one in under two minutes. They go BANG practically every time. They also have a proven track record that not too many other pistols can boast of. Spare magazines and accessories are very low cost and plentiful. Love it or hate it, the Glock has become the standard by which all other modern pistols are judged.

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