October 20, 20188.00am - 3.00pm5 hours
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Barricade Shooting Course in Houston

What Would You Do If An Active Shooter Was Present?

In today’s world, there should be someone in every business, educational facility, and large gathering place (including churches) that has the understanding and ability to deal with an awful threat: an active shooter.

About This Course

This course’s curriculum focuses on what to do in the terrible event that an active shooter becomes present. Subsequently, this course teaches you on how to strategically move to the scene to prevent further loss, as well as what to do after the shooter(s) stops.

Furthermore, participants should be prepared to train in all weather conditions. At Invicta Tactics, this course takes place in both the classroom and on the range. As a result, participants should come to class with an open mind and a good attitude. Likewise, they should be willing to interact with other students in thought-provoking scenarios.

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