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AR Basic Marksmanship | Houston

Marksmanship Basics:

There are a many variables which will affect a bullet and your rifle’s accuracy. Wind, ammo, the quality of the rifle, ect. will all play a part in limiting how accurate your rifle can be but there is one thing that limits a rifle’s capabilities more than any other… You and I are by far the worst variable in the marksmanship equation. We are human error.
The ultimate goal of a rifleman is to make himself a rock steady platform from which the rifle is supported and the shot placed. He/she must manipulate the rifle in the same way with each shot. Doing the same thing the same way every time is how you achieve the same results each time:
  • The eye must align the sights in the same way for each shot.
  • The finger must pull the trigger without disturbing what the eye sees.
  • The shooter must hold the rifle in a consistent way and allow the rifle to recoil and fall back on the target in a repeatable manner.

Body Mechanics:

First, let’s examine body mechanics as they pertain to the prone shooting position. Prone shooting is the most stable shooting position available to the marksman when there are no other platforms from which to fire. In this position the shooter has greatly reduced human variables that might affect the shot. Muscle fatigue is reduced greatly by the prone position as most of the rifle’s weight (and your own body-weight) are transferred straight to the ground through your bones. If you don’t have a bench, then this is the position you will be sighting in a rifle from simply because it is stable and repeatable.

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Our Instructor

David is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces Sergeant Major. In 2016, David founded Invicta Tactics with one primary mission in mind: Continue an already lifelong commitment to protect our nation. He is 100% committed to that mission and respects individual boundaries and choices.

David’s Special Forces assignments and education fully prepared him as the owner/operator of Invicta Tactics. He has served as Weapons Sergeant (18B), Intelligence Sergeant (18F), Team Sergeant (18Z) and Sergeant Major (18Z). Highlights of his assignments are: Combat Dive Teams, CINC In-Extremis Force, multiple Afghan combat tours and a 20 month tour as the unconventional warfare advisor to Pakistan’s Frontier Scouts in Peshawar and Bajaur. He is a graduate of the following courses: Airborne, Ranger, Special Forces, Combat Diver, SFARTEATC and Colombia’s Lancero Course. He received a BS from Excelsior College in 2010 and is in the final stages of completing a Masters Degree in Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies.