October 20, 20188.00am-4.00pm4 hours
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AR Basic Marksmanship Course in Houston

AR Basic Marksmanship
There are many variables that affect your bullet and rifle’s accuracy. For example, wind, ammo, and quality will all play a part in limiting how accurate your rifle can be. However, most importantly, there is one thing that limits a rifle’s capabilities more than any other: human error.
Thus, the ultimate goal of a rifleman is to make himself a steady platform from which the rifle is supported and the shot is placed. As a result, he/she must manipulate the rifle in the same way with each shot. Consequently, doing so will allow you to achieve the same results each time.
AR Basic Marksmanship Method
  • The eye must align the sights in the same way for each shot
  • The finger must pull the trigger without disturbing what the eye sees
  • The shooter must hold the rifle in a consistent way and allow the rifle to recoil and fall back on the target in a repeatable manner
Body Mechanics

First, let’s examine body mechanics as they pertain to the prone shooting position. Furthermore, prone shooting is the most stable shooting position available to the marksman when there are no other platforms from which to fire.

In this position, the shooter has greatly reduced the human variables that might affect the shot. Similarly, muscle fatigue is reduced greatly by the prone position, as most of the rifle’s weight (and your own body-weight) are transferred straight to the ground through your bones. If you don’t have a bench, then this is the position you will be sighting in a rifle from, simply because it is stable and repeatable.

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