August 16, 20188.00pm-4.00pm4 hours
Gun Rentals AvailableAge: 21 & older

Advanced Handgun Marksmanship | Houston

Advanced Handgun Marksmanship | Houston Intermediate to advanced level handgun shooters with a good amount of shooting experience, looking to improve and enhance their shooting skills to a much higher level. This course is for intermediate to advanced level shooters to introduce them to new shooting techniques and refine their current skills. Classroom instruction and practical exercises on the range will provide the student a solid skill set in advanced shooting fundamentals and handgun manipulation skills. More experienced students will continue to refine their current skill set in order to progress as better shooters.

Participants should be prepared to train in all weather conditions. This program can be challenging and participants should come to class with an open mind and a good attitude. With our personal approach to training, low student to instructor ratio, your skills will improve! Training days are four hours.

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Our Instructors

David is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces Sergeant Major. In 2016, David founded Invicta Tactics with one primary mission in mind: Continue an already lifelong commitment to protect our nation. He is 100% committed to that mission and respects individual boundaries and choices.

David’s Special Forces assignments and education fully prepared him as the owner/operator of Invicta Tactics. He has served as Weapons Sergeant (18B), Intelligence Sergeant (18F), Team Sergeant (18Z) and Sergeant Major (18Z). Highlights of his assignments are: Combat Dive Teams, CINC In-Extremis Force, multiple Afghan combat tours and a 20 month tour as the unconventional warfare advisor to Pakistan’s Frontier Scouts in Peshawar and Bajaur. He is a graduate of the following courses: Airborne, Ranger, Special Forces, Combat Diver, SFARTEATC and Colombia’s Lancero Course. He received a BS from Excelsior College in 2010 and is in the final stages of completing a Masters Degree in Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies.