October 20, 20188.00am-4.00pm4 hours
Gun Rentals AvailableAge: 21 & older
$160.00 person

Advanced Handgun AR Marksmanship Course in Houston

The Advanced Handgun AR Marksmanship Course is a high intensity carbine/handgun course. As a result, advanced shooters that focus on concentrated refinement of basic shooting fundamentals are well-suited for this course. With this, the shooter must also be adaptive and agile in tactical situations. Thus, our comprehensive drills will push past the boundary of the flat range mentality. Please note, this is not a beginner’s course.

The Advanced Handgun AR Marksmanship Course is for the student who already has a set of basic shooting skills and familiarity with shooting equipment. Consequently, you must provide documentation of successful completion of an entry level handgun/carbine skills program. This documentation can come from either a law enforcement agency or training facility. Moreover, participants should be prepared to train in all weather conditions. Additionally, training may exceed more than four hours on some days. Therefore, as this program is challenging, participants should be in good physical condition.

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